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Reimagined from our Bench & Bar Conference in 2021, our rebranded Miami Law Con incorporates the true essence and transformation into what the bar stands for today; innovation, equality, and enhanced legal abilities. Hidden in each of us is a special talent waiting to be unleashed. Join Miami Law Con today and experience the legal expertise and hidden knowledge all available to you, right from the comfort of your home or office. Don your super suit and heed the call, it's your moment! When you join our conference, you’ll be able to:


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  9:00 A.M. - 9:55 A.M.


Ethics and Technology in Family Law

Join in on an informative session that will cover a variety of topics in the Family Law division from effective use of Zoom, the overuse of 57.105 motions, stonewalling, and more relevant subjects to effectively navigate through the court system.


Anatomy of a Mediation

During this presentation, our guest hosts will cover a variety of topics when it comes to mediation and the many layers it takes to have a successful outcome from beginning to resolution. Attendees can expect to gain knowledge and confidence in Setting Up the Mediation Process, Ethical Issues that May Arise in Mediation, Select an Appropriate Mediator, and more in this informative step-by-step presentation.


What’s Happening in Our Circuit Courts

The Chief Judge and Administrative Judges for Circuit Civil, Probate, Family, Criminal and Juvenile Divisions will discuss what is going on in each of their divisions, the changes in the law, what changes due to COVID, and what the future holds for their divisions.


We Are Our Own Best Surveillance

This panel will discuss discovery and admissibility of information from new technologies, such as fitness trackers, apple watches, GPS trackers, etc., and how this information can be used in personal injury litigation and beyond. Panelists will discuss the different emerging technologies available, their applicability to different kinds of litigation, and personal experiences in gathering this information. The panelists will also address legal issues related to the discovery rules and evidence code that may help or hinder the use of these different technologies.


Punitive Damages and Interlocutory Appeals

Rule 9.130 now allows immediate appeals for orders allowing punitive damages. Hear our panelists discuss everything you need to know about this Rule change, including the standard of review, preserving your record, and successfully prosecuting your appeal.


  10:00 A.M. - 10:55 A.M.


Miami Dade County COVID-19 Jury Trial Task Force: News, Updates, and the Future

Get a the most up-to-date information from our ABOTA COVID-19 Jury Trial Task Force. Some of the topics to be discussed are updates from the court, use of Zoom for trial, backlog of jury trials, and more updates to improve the legal experience in Miami Dade County and beyond.


Digital Media Strategies and Tactics to Benefit Clients

During this presentation, the panel of experts will give an expeditated course in marketing to clients and expanding brand awareness using new software.


Intro to Remote Online Notarizations (RONs)

As the world keep changing, so shall we. Join this session learn the basic steps to virtual notarizations as we cover the requirements needed, what you can and cannot notarize, and the pros/cons to going virtual. Learn this skill and propel your practice forward!


The Intersection of ADR And Ethics: Anatomy of a Bar Complaint, and Mediating/Arbitrating Fee Disputes with Clients

During this presentation, our guest hosts will cover a variety of topics when it comes to the world of ADR from mediation, judicial referrals, bar complaints from an ethical standpoint, regulation of the Florida Bar Rules, and much more.


Probate Pet Peeves (What Not To Do In The Probate Division)

New Judges have entered the probate division bringing with them a wealth of experience from other divisions. Join us for a session on what things you should know while practicing in the probate division for the 11th Judicial Circuit Court.


  11:00 A.M. - 11:55 A.M.


County Court Roundup - Hot Topics in the Civil Division

Panelists will discuss the landscape of county court civil. Topics will included new developments in PIP law, the current development and status of eviction cases, judges current case loads in county court civil and why mandatory implementation of case management orders is required, and current practices in county court including in-person versus remote hearings, jurisdictional limits and submitting orders via CourtMap.


Happiness For Lawyers Guaranteed…or Your Misery Back

Mark Eiglarsh, a formerly unhappy guy, made a career out of solving everyone’s problems but his own. Now, this successful criminal defense attorney, television and radio on-air legal expert, adjunct law professor, devoted husband, and proud father has reclaimed his happiness. He has made it his mission to help the legal community, which has been plagued with low satisfaction levels and consequent mental health issues for quite some time. 52% of practicing lawyers describe themselves as dissatisfied in spite of being the highest-paid professionals. In addition to being disenchanted, lawyers significantly suffer poor mental health. They suffer from depression at a much higher rate than the general public. They also suffer from unlawful drug use and alcoholism much more than non-lawyers. Additionally, the divorce rate among lawyers, especially women, also appears to be higher than the divorce rate among other professionals. Mark has passionately made it his life mission to share with others, lawyers and non-lawyers, how they can lead happy, healthy and successful lives, in spite of the unique demands of their law practice and whatever other challenging circumstances they may be facing. He dazzles audiences with his infectious enthusiasm, unique humor and heartfelt authenticity. Mark, a transformative speaker, provides attendees accessible tools to overcome stress, focus their mind, and improve their relationships at work and home. He’s guaranteed to make attendees laugh & feel inspired.


High Exposure Tort Case From the Plaintiff and Defendant Perspectives

While the rules of civil procedure remain the same for all cases, handling high-stakes cases raises unique issues that are not involved in other types of cases. Whether it is dealing with sensitive issues related to a wrongful death matter or a person’s medical history in medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury cases, attorneys on both sides must navigate difficult topics while advocating fiercely for their clients. For the inexperienced litigator, it is easy for the gravity of these cases to control the tenor of communications and manner in which the discovery process is undertaken. Allowing this to happen, however, not only renders the litigation unnecessarily more contentious, but is ultimately counterproductive for all parties involved. In this panel discussion, Miami Dade Bar members will hear experienced litigators field questions regarding how they handle multi-million dollar cases, from both the plaintiff and defense perspective. They will share their insight in how to battle for the best result for your client, while not allowing the gravity of the case to overtake then manner in which the case is litigated.


Zealous Advocacy with High Ethics

In this 50 minute seminar, Brian Tannebaum will address current issues of Florida Ethics and Professionalism for Florida Lawyers and then answer questions. The course will begin with an overview of the current state of the procedural rules for Bar Discipline cases, and then specific ethics issues that are relevant to practitioners in the criminal justice system working through this global pandemic. Cites to cases, rules, and orders will be discussed with each topic. This course goes beyond simply discussing the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar and provides real-life scenarios pertaining to the application of the Rules and objectives of Professionalism.


A Primer on Appeals Before the 11th Judicial Circuit

Join all three members of the 11th Judicidal Circuit Court’s Appellate Division for a discussion on circuit court appeals, covering the types of case over which the court presides, its jurisdiction, and an audience Q&A.


  12:00 P.M. - 12:55 P.M.


KEYNOTE - Too Many Lawyers: Documentary Filmmaking and the Law

Most of a nonfiction filmmaker’s time is spent talking with attorneys, both on-camera and off. Whether we’re interviewing them for a project, seeking legal advice or negotiating for their client’s participation in a documentary, lawyers are an unavoidable (and essential) part of the process at every stage. In this discussion, I’ll share my personal stories of interacting with legendary lawyers and review some of the legal issues we face in this new “Golden Age” of documentaries — particularly in the ever ubiquitous true crime genre.


  1:00 P.M. - 1:55 P.M.


Lawyer to Mediator: Tips for Practicing Attorneys on How to Become a Mediator

Join us for a panel discussion for attorneys in all areas of their career on how to become a mediator – either while still practicing or transitioning to full time mediator.


Affordable Housing, Gentrification and Community Benefits Agreements in South Florida

South Florida has been a real estate mecca for many decades, and due to that its structure has changed dramatically over time. During this presentation, you will learn about sea level rise impacting development/preservation, gentrification in older communities, visions for future development, and much more!


New Summary Judgment Standard

Stay up-to-date on the New Summary Judgement Standard and learn more about the Era of Holl and Visingardi during the prior Summary Judgement, the Celotex Trilogy, procedural changes, and more in relation to the law and legal practices in the government.


Modern Day Guide to Deposition Management

In the age of virtual collaboration ever-increasing, we will discuss ideas to increase case strategy preparation using technologies while reducing write-offs and matter budgets. We will review current trends in virtual depositions and their use in Case Strategy work and trial preparation.


Smart Justice - Alternatives to Incarceration

Members of the State Attorney’s Office will explain the various alternatives to incarceration including Smart Justice, diversion programs and treatment courts. Eligibility requirements, program components, and consequences of violations will all be addressed.


  2:00 P.M. - 2:55 P.M.


Lawyers and Reporters: Understanding and Working with the Media

When a reporter calls, “No comment” won’t get you very far in the court of public opinion. In this frank discussion, attorneys will learn media relations best practices directly from award winning reporters, editors and publishers and come away with a better understanding of how to work productively with media.


The Future of Real Estate in South Florida

Jointly hosted by the Environmental & Land Use Committee and the Real Property Committee, during this presentation attendees will be able to learn about pressing challenges from climate change, future plans for Miami’s neighborhoods including Downtown, Brickell and Flagler, and cryptocurrency/blockchain’s impact on real estate and transactions.


The Al Capone Defense to Foreclosure — Tax Evasion

There are only a few defenses to mortgage foreclosures in Florida. The most powerful and least know defense is tax evasions by banks. Join Bruce Jacobs and Ricardo Corona as they discuss how banks foreclosing on modified loans have a major problem on their hands.


What Do You Mean, “There’s No Instruction Manual?” - Labor & Employment Law 101 for Corporate Counsel

The panel will discuss the current issues that Corporate Counsel should be aware of regarding employment and labor law and how these should be dealt with by in-house counsel. The panel will discuss recent trends in EEOC matters, wage and hour disputes, remote working, and whistleblower claims, which are on the rise. The panel will be interactive and provide an inside perspective and how these issues are dealt with on a practical matter by in-house counsel as well as the EEOC’s perspective regarding same.


Criminal Law Update

The legislative session just ended and there are several new criminal laws and amendments. Not to mention, there are several new criminal cases. This panel will provide an update on the new laws and recent cases affecting the criminal practice.


  3:00 P.M. - 3:55 P.M.


Navigating Through the Waters of Crypto/NFTs…Legally

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Bitcoin has been on the rise and it can be difficult understanding it all. Watch our presentation and gain an understanding on emerging regulatory trends, intellectual properties, international law, and much more!


Technology in Workers Comp

This program will feature a dynamic panel of a prominent Miami Dade Judge and established legal professionals who will speak about the new technology and its benefits when it comes to worker’s compensation to both clients and their lawyers alike. During the CLE presentation, the panelists will offer practitioners insight on practical uses and benefits of the e-JCC Database, e-filing, remote proceedings, mediation, and much more in the world of technology in the courtroom.


Pro Bono, Public Service & Professionalism

Join this informative session on personal and professional development in law as our panel of experts share their knowledge on public service regarding pro bono work, transitioning into different legal industries, techniques to increase wellness/happiness in your personal life and much more!


Redistricting: The Legal Parameters of Redistricting ... Where Does it End?

Redistricting is the process by which federal, state, and local district boundaries are drawn. This program will provide a general overview of redistricting in the United States and the state of Florida. A panel of legal experts and practitioners will discuss the implications of recent shifts in the law and the practical implications of this evolving legal landscape.


5 Steps to Protect Your Firm from Catastrophic Cyber Attacks

In this webinar, you will learn the 5 critical steps needed to protect your law firm and client data from malicious cyber attacks. These crucial steps will dramatically increase your overall security stance and will lessen the chances of you becoming a victim to cybercriminals. Cyber attacks are on the rise and every business is at risk.


  4:00 P.M. - 4:55 P.M.


Addressing Courts and Opposing Counsel in Emails, Briefs, and Motion Papers

A gentle reminder about the boundaries of professionalism in briefs, motions, and emails so social media personalities and personal opinions don't intrude into formal, written communications with Courts and other lawyers.


Negative Commentary/Negative Consequences

In our Technology Age, what should we be thinking about before we hit send or publish? Explore the Legal Ethics, Social Media, and the Impact of Explosive Commentary in this session.


Undue Influence: The Dutiful Child Exception

Alex will present on the concept of “The Dutiful Child Exception” and during this presentation, Alex will also address possible issues, review previous cases, and recommend best practices.


Masters Calendar Hearing 101

This informational program will feature a panel discussion of two seasoned attorneys with a specialization in immigration law. With their knowledge, they will discuss the basics of what actually happens in a Master Calendar hearing, when its necessary to file written pleadings, and much more. As an added bonus, during the presentation, the presenters will also share their experiences inside the court room, best ethical practices when acquiring new clients / asking for a continuance, and tips of the trade. Afterwards, there will be an open Q+A for the attendees to ask any question they would like.


Feel the Heat – Hot Topics in Sports and Entertainment

Join this panel on current topics impacting the world of sports and entertainment when it comes the law; hosted by 3 dynamic general counsel speakers from the Miami Dolphins, Inter Miami CF, and the Miami Heat.


  5:00 P.M. - 5:55 P.M.


Fear Factor-How Good Lawyers Get Into Bad Ethical Trouble (Conflicts)

The webinar will have insights, best practices, and tips on how not to get into ethical conflicts and overall growth in staying a good lawyer.


Florida’s Pre-emption of Local Home-Based Business Regulation – How, Why, & What’s A Local Government To Do?

During the 2020 Legislative Session, CS/HB 403 (Giallombardo) passed preempting the local regulation of home-based businesses. The legislation created 559.955, F.S. and provides that local governments may not take any action to license or otherwise regulate a home-based business except as authorized in state law. During the one hour CLE we will address its history, current laws, and best practices.


User’s Guide to Prosecuting Claims under Florida’s Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act,

This program will feature an expert speaker in probate and trust litigation in the South Florida area. Guest speaker Juan Carlos Antúnez will discuss the basics of community property rights for surviving family members. During the CLE presentation, Mr. Antúnez will offer practitioners insight on community-property states and spousal property rights, marital property choice-of-law rule, and much more.


Partition Actions for Probate Practitioners

This program will feature an expert speakers in partition actions in the probate and guardianship section of the law. During the CLE presentation, guest speakers Luis Barreto and Manuel L. Crespo will discuss the basics of partition actions, attorneys fees, case law in Partition in Probate – 733.814, and much more.


Attorneys Fees in Trust and Estate Cases

The webinar will be hosted by Attorney Tatiana Stahl. She will conduct a review detailing the process of getting attorneys fees awards in cases related to probate, trusts & estates.


  6:00 P.M.


A Past, Present and Future Look Into Criminal Practice in the Southern District of Florida

During this presentation, the attendees will experience an in-depth look into just how much the pandemic has affected the court system of the Southern District of Florida and how it compares to the past and how it will shape the future.


You Are a Lawyer, and You May Also be a Lobbyist: The Miami Dade County Ethics Code’s Lobbyist and Principal Registration Ordinance

This webinar will have 4 government attorneys going through the basics when it comes to the Dade County ethics code, modern definition of a true lobbyist, principal registration ordinance, “special rules” for attorneys, and much more in the world of lobbyist ordinance.


Creditor Claim

The webinar will be presented by Attorney Theodore Kypreos with a focus on important recent developments and common pitfalls in the process of creditor claims.


Perspectives on Family Mediation from Both Sides of the Bench

This program will feature a panel discussion with three jurists who have both mediated family cases and sat on the family bench. This CLE will offer practitioners insight on best practices for preparing for mediation, settling cases using ADR techniques, and the unique perspectives from Judges who have experienced both sides of the litigation and mediation process.


Managing Stress & Preventing Burnout

The webinar will be hosted by Dr. Todd Giardina, he will conduct how to manage stress and coping mechanisms.

This program will be in part, survey of the foreclosure backlog and the volume of cases before the court. Using metrics from the last foreclosure crisis, the program will frame the process necessary to handle the volume of cases and review how this backlog will impact the process. In addition, this program will present an overview of foreclosure defense and how a pandemic may affect strategy. 



What You Need To Know About The New Changes to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

This program will feature Scott D. Owens, P.A. as the dynamic speaker for “What You Need To Know About the New Changes to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act”. This CLE will offer legal insight on best practices for regulation, limitations, and much more in the vast world of debt collection.


Hot Topics — Miami as an Emerging International

This program will feature a lively panel discussion of seven speakers and two moderators regarding the climatic emergence of Miami being the “new” Silicon Valley in the crypto era. During the CLE presentation, the panelists will offer practitioners insight on how crypto assets perfectly lend themselves to international arbitration, how some forward-thinking scholars believe that blockchain arbitration may eventually replace the NY Convention, and much more in the world of technology.


Evictions in a Post-COVID World

The Miami-Dade Bar’s County Court Committee, will present a free educational Zoom webinar on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, from 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. The panel of judges and attorneys will discuss the eviction process for both residential and commercial properties, practice pointers when filing an eviction, and recent court decisions. Additional topics will include landlord liens, Miami-Dade County’s new online dispute resolution system for evictions (CourtHELP), and available rental assistance programs. Open to the public and CLE credit available for attorneys.


What to Do When You Lose Your Case?

A free virtual in-depth round table discussion for the community with some of the county’s prominent appellate law attorneys in criminal, civil, and administrative matters.


6 Habits to Access Your Best Self

Hosted by Gayle Damiano (High-Performance Intuitive Coach), attendees will get the chance to learn the six habits that can shift their legal career, and life, to the next level.



Adam Fleisher Special Counsel of
Cooley LLP
Alex Douglas Partner at
Shuffield Lowman Attorneys and Advisors
Allen Bonner, Esq. Partner at
Colson Hicks Eidson
Amber Kornreich, Esq. Partner at
Kornreich & Associates
Andrew Rader, Esq. Owner of Law Offices Of
Cutler Rader, P.L.
Andrew Sharpe
Anthony Alfieri School of Law Professor,
University of Miami
Arlene Kalish Sankel, Esq. Chief Branch Discipline Counsel with
The Florida Bar
Audra Cohen, Assistant Public Defender at
Miami-Dade County Public Defender’s Office
Audrey M. Castro, Esq. Associate Attorney of
Bichler & Longo, PLLC
Beau Blumberg, Esq. Partner
with Deutsch, Blumberg & Caballero P.A.
Beverly A. Pohl, Esq. Counsel at
Nelson Mullins
Billy Corben Co-Founder of
Brandon Briggs, Esq. Deputy General Counsel of
Inter Miami CF & DRV PNK Stadium
Brett Barfield, Esq. Partner at PLLC
Brian Tannebaum, Esq. Founder of
Tannebaum Law
Brittany Bonner, Esq. Partner at
Filler Rodriguez, LLP
C. Ryan Reetz, Esq. Managing partner of the Miami office at
Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
Carlos J. Martinez Public Defender at
Law Offices of The Public Defender
Carlos F. Osorio, Esq. Founder of
Osorio Internacional
Catherine McManus Assistant General Counsel at
11th Judicial Circuit of Florida
Charlton Copeland, Esq. Professor at
University of Miami School of Law
Chief Judge Nushin Sayfie 11th Judicial Circuit of
Christina Crespi Executive Director of the Miami Downtown Development Authority
Cristina Pereyra-Alvarez JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator and Referee/Special Master Retired Judge,
11th Judicial Circuit, Florida
Daniela Cimo, Esq. Attorney,
Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc.
Dannie McMillon Education Chair for
NAACP Miami Branch
David Cruz, Esq. Deputy General Counsel at
Florida League of Cities
David Ovalle Crime & Courts Reporter
Miami Herald
Debra Davis, Esq. Lawyer at
Smith, Tozian, Daniel and Davis, P.A.
Dirk Lorenzen, Esq. Shareholder at
Lorenzen Law P.A.
Dwayne Robinson, Esq. Partner at
Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton
Dr. Todd Giardina, Ph.D. Psychologist at
Coral Gables Counseling Center
Edward Mullins, Esq. Partner at
Reed Smith
Elaine Walter, Esq. Partner at
Boyd, Richards, Parker & Connelli, P.L.
Elena Bondarenko Government Relations and Land Use Counsel,
Miami Downtown Development Authority
Elliot Kula, Esq. Principal Partner at
Kula & Associates, P.A.
Elizabeth Hughes, Esq. Special Counsel, Tax Trusts and Estates at
Akerman LLP
Eric J. Eves, Esq. Assistant City Attorney at City of
Eric S. Kay, Esq. Attorney at
Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton
Evelina Libhen, Esq. Founder at
Evelina Libhen, P.A.
Flora Seff, Esq. Senior Legal Liaison at
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department
Frederick E. Hasty III, Esq. Partner of
Wicker Smith
Gayle Damiano Founder/Life Coach of
Legal Ease Wellness, LLC
George Wysong, Esq. Police Legal Advisor at
City of Miami
Grace Mora, Esq. VP & General Counsel of
Fontainebleau Miami Beach
Gerald “Jerry” Kornreich, Esq. Founder/Senior Partner at
Kornreich & Associates
George G. Mahfood, Esq. Partner at
Nelson Mullins
Gilbert K Squires, BCS Arbitrator in and advocates before
Global Arbitration Tribunals
Gloria M. Garcia, Esq. Founder, Law Office Of
Gloria M Garcia, P.A.
Ivan P. Morales, Esq. Managing and Founding Partner of
Morales & Cerino, P.A.
James Murley Chief Resilience Officer,
Miami-Dade County
Jan L. Jacobowitz Adjunct Faculty at
University of Miami's School of Law
Jane Maranhas Sr Director of
Case Builder at DISCO
John C Mullins Jr., Esq. Sole Practitioner of Law Office of
John C. Mullin, Jr.
John W. Thornton JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator and Referee/Special Master Retired Judge,
11th Judicial Circuit, Florida
Jose Arrojo, Esq. Executive Director at
Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust
Joshua Spector, Esq. Shareholder at
Law Offices of Joshua Spector, P.A.
Joseph P. Farina JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator and Referee/Special Master Retired Chief Judge
11th Judicial Circuit, Florida
Juan Antonio "Tony" Gonzalez, Esq. US Attorney of Southern District of
Juan C. Antúnez Shareholder at
Stokes, Mcmillan, Antunez P.A
Jude M. Faccidomo, Esq. Founder/Partner at
Ratzan & Faccidomo
Judge Andrea Wolfson 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Bertila A. Soto 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Chiaka Ihekwaba 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Christina Marie DiRaimondo 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Daryl E. Trawick 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge David Young 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Denise Martinez-Scanziani 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Jennifer Bailey 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Julie Harris Nelson 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Lisa Walsh 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Marcia Cooke Southern District of
Judge Maria de Jesus Santovenia 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Maria Espinosa Dennis 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Michaelle Gonzalez-Paulson 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Miesha Darrough 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Orlando Prescott 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Roy Altman Southern District of
Judge Samantha Ruiz Cohen 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Scott Janowitz 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Scott M. Bernstein 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Spencer Eig 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Spencer Multack 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Tabitha Elise Blackmon Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of
Judge Tanya Brinkley 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Thomas Logue Third District Court of
Judge Walter J. Havers JAMS Mediator and Arbitrator
Judge Yvonne Colodny 11th Judicial Circuit of
Judge Zachary James 11th Judicial Circuit of
Juliana G. Lamardo, Esq. Founding Partner of
Law Offices of Juliana G. Larmado.
Kimberly Berman, Esq. Shareholder of
Marshall Dennehey
Kimberly A. Prior, Esq. Partner at
Shutts & Bowen LLP
Kira Elise Willig, Esq. Associate Attorney at
Elizabeth F. Schwartz, P.A.
Kristen Foslid, Esq. Trial Attorney at
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Lenny Elias Private Practice
Lissie Salazar, Esq. Senior Staff Attorney Tenants' Rights at
Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc.
Luis Barreto Managing Partner of
Luis E Barreto & Associates, P.A.
Manuel Crespo Partner at
Greenspoon Marder
Marck Joseph, Esq. Founder and Owner of
The Joseph Firm, P.A.
Marcus Barch-Armas, Esq. Senior Director or Legal & Government Affairs of
Miami Dolphins/Hard Rock Stadium
Mark Eiglarsh, Esq. Founder of
Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh
Mark V. Murray, Esq. Sole Proprietor at
Law Office of Mark V. Murray
Mark W. Rickard, Esq. Founder/President of Law Guard
Marie Jo Toussaint, Esq. Assistant State Attorney at
Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office
Matt Burke Founder & CEO of
Melba Pearson, Esq. Center for the Administration of
Michelle A. Estlund, Esq. Founder and principal attorney of
Estlund Law, P.A.
Michael Caruso, Esq. Federal Defender of
Southern District of Florida
Michael Grieco, Esq. State Representative at
Florida House of Representatives
Michael Genden Civil Mediator
National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals
Michael Haggard, Esq. Managing Partner of
The Haggard Law Firm
Michael T. Davis, Esq. Partner at
Kuehne- Davis Law, P.A.
Miriam Soler Ramos, Esq. City Attorney at City of
Coral Gables
Nanci Schanerman, Esq. Senior Counsel with
Clyde & Co US LLP
Natalie Norfus, Esq. Managing Owner/CEO of
The Norfus Firm, PLLC
Patricia H. Thompson, Esq. FCIArb
JAMS Mediator and Arbitrator
Paul Bances Head of Global Market Development
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Digital Currencies of PayPal
Peter Abraham, Esq. Owner, founder and Senior mediator of
Biscayne Mediation, LLC
Raoul Cantero, Esq. Partner at
Former Florida Supreme Court Justice
Rawsi Williams, Esq., R.N. Founder at
Rawsi Williams Law Group
Raychel Lean Bureau Chief
Daily Business Review
Ricky M. Corona, Esq. Co-Founder of
Corona Law Firm, P.A.
Richard Jurgens, Esq. Founding Partner of
Candela Eig Jurgens, LLC. Former Assistant Chief Counsel
Robert Josefsberg, Esq. Partner at
Podhurst Orseck
Robert Lincoln, Esq. Attorney at
Robert K. Lincoln, P.A.
Roy Weinfeld, Esq. Founder of
Roy L. Weinfeld, P.A.
Sabrina Puglisi, Esq. Founder of
Puglisi Law
Samah T. Abukhodeir, Esq. Founder and Managing Partner of
The Florida Probate & Family Law Firm
Sarah Zabel, Esq. President of
Maze Resolutions PA
Schuyler A. Smith, Esq. Partner of
Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel, LLP
Scott D. Owens Founder of
Scott D. Owens, P.A.
Scott J. Silverman JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator and Referee/Special Master Retired Judge,
11th Judicial Circuit, Florida
Scott Merl, Esq. Founder of
Scott Merl, P.A.
Shahrzad Emami Shaw, Esq. Partner of
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
Shanell Schuyler, Esq. Director of
the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP) and Intake Department of The Florida Bar
Stephen F. Cain, Esq. Attorney at
Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, P.A.
Shirley Lopez CEO of
L&L Process
Stuart N. Ratzan, Esq. Founder/Shareholder of
Ratzan Weissman & Boldt
Stuart Teicher Adjunct Professor of Law at
Georgetown Law
Stephen Rosenthal, Esq. Partner at
Podhurst Orseck
Jason Pizzo State Senator at
The Florida Senate
Tattiana B. Stahl, Esq. Attorney at
Katz Baskies & Wolf PLLC
Terence Shepherd News Director
Terrence Smith Assistant County Attorney,
Miami-Dade County
Theodore Kypreos, Esq. Shareholder of
Jones Foster P.A.
Tiffany-Ashley Disney, Esq. Associate Attorney at
Trueba & Suarez
Tom Kirkham 11th Founder and CEO of
IronTech Security
Vered Yakovee, Esq. Managing Attorney at
Yakovee Law
Victoria Mendez, Esq. City Attorney at
City of Miami
Warren Trazenfeld, Esq. Founder at
Warren R. Trazenfeld, P.A.
Yvette Lavelle, Esq. Partner at
Boyd, Richards, Parker & Colonnelli, P.L.

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